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Welcome to the Andromeda ’03 Girls Home Page

For information on our team please contact:

Scott Watson (Team Manager)

[email protected]

How does a child at 6-7 years of age best learn?  Whether it’s a teacher, music instructor or coach, the most effective way to develop your child is to ensure that they are HAVING FUN while they are learning.  This is the foundation for our coaching style and the reason the girls absolutely love to come to practice.  Whether it’s ball handling skills, teamwork drills, or short-sided games - the idea of HAVING FUN is at the forefront of everything they do.
Please join us for a practice session and ask us about our "First Month Free" Program.
Practice Sessions: 
Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30pm to 6:45pm at the Andromeda Training Facility
Optional Skills Session - Friday at 5:30pm
All Practice and Skills Sessions take place at:
Andromeda Training Facility
4401 14th St., Plano TX
Super Development League (SDL)
Inclement weather line for ATF:  214-890-5919 option 1
Please contact the Team Manager with inquiries
Manager:  Scott Watson
Email:        [email protected]
Coach:      Edward Mendoza
Email:        [email protected]

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