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Program Overview
The program offers kids a higher level of individual and team soccer skills that will enable players to go as far as they wish with the sport. These skills are taught by eminently qualified coaches who provide an environment conducive to mastery of the skills and pure enjoyment of the game. Equally as important, Andromeda Youth Academy teaches the kids character building life lessons.

While the Andromeda Youth Academy Program is unique, the methodology is a proven one. Fashioned after the best European soccer programs, management has tailored the program to meet the needs of American youth.

Andromeda Youth Academy wants its teams to win every single game, but unlike other programs, we will not compromise development in the process. Every developmental program claims to develop players, so what makes Andromeda Youth Academy unique?

Unlike most, Andromeda Youth Academy policies are applied across all teams. All teams and coaches must adhere to this philosophy. If you watch older Andromeda teams, they all play the same style. Our style of play is based on possession soccer regardless of the position of the ball within the field. This requires a high level of technical skill from every player. We challenge ALL our players to not just kick the ball, but to receive it and keep it away from the other team until an opportunity to score is realized. The reason we teach possession soccer is because it is the basis for building technical skills, which in the long run is the basis of creating good soccer players.

Environment is also very important in the development of good soccer players. We encourage players to take risks and be creative without fear of losing. We believe that soccer is a form of entertainment and that creative players are in short supply and in high demand all over the world because they are the ones people want to see. The great players and the highest paid players in the world are the most entertaining. The growth of the sport lies on its entertainment value. We feel that we have an obligation to produce such players. We need to produce more Zinadine’s, Ronaldo’s, Beckham’s and Adu’s of the world. These players developed their skills where they had fun, and away from adult pressures.

One of the key factors in the growth of any developmental program is parents. Most parents have a limited knowledge of select soccer, or soccer for that matter the first year in select. The only measure of a club for these parents is the position of the club in the standings. There is nothing wrong in this thinking, but the position of a team in the standings in the early years of select soccer is not an indication of a team’s ability to develop players. Most teams do well the first year because of the athletic abilities of the kids, and the talent that they have developed playing recreational soccer. At this age, teams with more athletic kids and a direct style of play tend to win more. Education of parents in the Andromeda Youth Academy philosophy takes center stage. We make every effort to ensure that we get the right fit, and tend to lose some good players whose parents have a short term approach to the development of their kids. This is important because the parents that stay are those that have a grasp of the big picture, and stay even when their kids improve and are recruited by other clubs. The importance of the point here is that we do not lose our players to other clubs as they improve, and are able to build strong teams over time. We take the early hit, and grow from there.

Andromeda Youth Academy philosophy to success is based on;
• Development predicated on playing possession soccer, which requires highly technical skills
• Environment that is fun and encourages risk taking and creativity
• Recruit families that look at the big picture, and will not leave the club as their kids improves.

We believe that our program provides the best possible environment for young soccer players to capitalize on the opportunities that the great game of soccer will offer.

Our goal is to provide the best developmental program for the youth soccer player. Visit our facility, attend a training session, meet our decide if we are accomplishing our goal.

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