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Welcome to Andromeda Soccer Club website!
No Compromise in Character, Attitude, and Spirit!


Andromeda is one of the most successful and highly respected youth soccer organizations in the United States. The program supports over 30 teams from under 9 to under 19 boys and girls. Players can begin in our program at age eight and continue developing as a player to prepare for the highest levels within the sport: college, National Team, and professional soccer. Andromeda has a history of producing high quality athletes and is competitive at the highest levels -- including the 2007 USYS U17 national champions and the 2008 USYS U17 and U18 national champions.

And the focus is on development of the boys/girls – yes, through the game of soccer, but with much higher goals in mind. This is highlighted in the Andromeda club motto:
No Compromise in Character, Attitude, and Spirit
Our emphasis is on long term player growth and team development. The players are given a foundation for the game on which they can improve and develop and are instructed in a team system and environment where the individual can shine and flourish.
Andromeda pursues the highest level of training and coaching, and offers a comprehensive and progressive training program for the serious soccer athlete. All that is expected from our members is a personal commitment to be the very best soccer player / person they can be. This is achieved through commitment to training and games, devotion to the sport, and support of club and team.
There are many ways to measure the success of a youth soccer club. Team and individual accomplishments as well as the quality of environment created are two measuring sticks. Our program includes a world-class training facility and class-A licensed coaches, many of whom have played at the highest levels.  Andromeda has placed numerous players into the top universities around the country.

Thank you for your interest in our club!

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